Only a progressive renaissance can rebuild the middle class


The last time our country was governable was back in 2009 and 2010. Democrats had a supermajority in the Senate and a substantial lead in the House of Representatives. During those two years, President Obama got more accomplished than any president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In fact, the policies passed during those two years are responsible for all economic progress, however anemic, that was made under President Obama.

President Obama was unable to enact any substantial policies after that. Why? Because Republicans took over the House and subsequently the Senate. Gridlock is dysfunctional.

Republicans had an agenda based on the debunked tenets of austerity exposed by a 28-year-old grad student. The agenda came from an Ayn Randian sect who did not mind lying to their constituents in their attempt to pass policies that were beneficial solely to their wealthy benefactors. In doing so, they ensured an economy that grew at the slowest rate of any recovery since World War II. While it is also the longest sustained recovery ever, most Americans are not partaking of this continued economic growth.

Americans, especially millennials, are fed up with political parties. When Democrats had their supermajority, they had the ability to pass legislation in a manner that would have insulated them from Republican misinformation.

In 2009, the health care fight was not between Republicans and Democrats: It was between progressive Democrats and corporatist establishment Democrats.

Had all Democrats worked in the interest of the middle class and the poor by using their once-in-a generation political power to pass the only mathematically plausible and affordable health care program, single-payer Medicare for all, Americans would never have voted for the false promises of market-based health insurance again.



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