The Handmaid’s Tale recap: episode eight – ‘Why Miss Offred, you’re gorgeous’


Cliches and clunkers galore this week, as Offred gets dolled up for cocktail hour. Is there a new writer? It’s the only explanation. Let’s pray for normal, seamless service to resume next week

Spoiler alert: this recap is for people watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Channel 4 in the UK. Please do not add spoilers from later episodes.

I know some of you found the idealised scenes of domestic contentment a bit twee last week. Not me; I’m made of marshmallows and kitten-receptors. But for those who did, I hope you enjoyed this week’s antidote: the debauched scenes set in Jezebels, the members club for sexually incontinent commanders and the special stash of contraband prostitutes they’re keeping from whoever it is that really runs this regime.

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